The Dirtiest Words in Business

The Dirtiest Words in Business

I had that view for years. If ever I was approached by a friend or acquaintance about a network marketing business opportunity I came up with every excuse under the sun as to why it was not for me. I perceived myself as a highly educated, very successful career woman and whilst some of the supposed lifestyle benefits of a network marketing business did sound marginally appealing, there was no way I was going to “lower” myself to be involved in “one of those scams”.

If they suggested I simply try the network marketing products they had on offer I also shied away. Why would I want to replace my Mac makeup with a lowly offering from Arbonne or Avon, or my Calvin Klein lingerie with Intimo? I always perceived there was a level of “dodginess” about the whole network marketing industry. Everyone seemed to have a story of someone they know being completely screwed over by a “pyramid scheme”, paying large amounts of money to participate, working hard and making very little, whilst making those at the top rich.

How things change! Toady I am one of the biggest advocates of network marketing, having come to realise that my original perception was based largely on ignorance. Now I believe that network marketing is one of the smartest business models for the connected economy of today and the future. Most importantly, I believe network marketing offers a transformational opportunity. It can empower those who are struggling to survive or thrive either financially and/or emotionally in today’s cut-throat world. It can also empower those who are looking for greater lifestyle flexibility, offering more freedom and potential financial upside than many traditional business opportunities, and requiring less time and capital investment than starting a business from scratch. It’s also much lower risk.

So how did I arrive at this new perspective? Simply put, I saw first-hand how the right network marketing opportunity can lift someone out of a downward spiral of financial and emotional struggle and hopelessness and empower them to create a life they truly love.  Someone close to me was a high flying corporate executive who outwardly appeared to have it all – beautiful house, the latest BMW, designer wardrobe and a social life that made Cara Delevingne look tame. Little did anyone know that inwardly she was falling apart. She eventually collapsed, unable to go on with her designer life. She checked herself into rehab, walked away from her lucrative job, unable to give anymore of herself to a soul-destroying corporate world. She watched as her multitude of platinum credit cards maxed their limit and one-by-one her assets were repossessed. She eventually moved back in with her mother and got a job cleaning houses. She was trapped – too burnt out and soul-destroyed to go back to life as she knew it, unsure of how to move forward. …and she was broke. Actually worse than that, she was in huge amounts of debt.

At her lowest point, she was introduced to a network marketing opportunity with a company called Jeunesse Global. A little spark inside urged her to take a closer look. Like me, she would never have considered such an idea in the past but now she needed to do something radically different. She needed to reinvent herself in a more emotionally nurturing way. …and she needed to get out of debt. Jeunesse provided this opportunity.

Today this woman has a successful home business that has not only paid off her debt and now affords her designer comforts, but more importantly has reignited her spark for life. She only works a couple of hours a day, travels the world and gets immense joy from empowering other women with the same transformational opportunity. This woman is my business partner and I couldn’t be more admiring of her courage to follow her heart.

Since she introduced me to Jeunesse earlier this year I have met many amazing women who have transformed their lives through the Jeunesse business opportunity. Women who have been victim to horrible life circumstances, left as single mums with large amounts of debt and miniscule amounts of self-esteem, have totally turned their lives around by starting a Jeunesse home-business. I have also met a number of extremely intelligent, extremely capable ex-corporate  and ex-professional women, many of whom are mothers, who have embraced the Jeunesse opportunity as a way of creating greater lifestyle flexibility and more time for their families without having to compromise their incomes. The immense gratitude of these women inspired me to take a closer look at this supposedly dodgy business opportunity. Perhaps there is some merit in it after all.

I thoroughly researched the network marketing industry and learned that not all network marketing businesses are equal. There are some riskier options and some very viable options. The right company can offer a very low-risk, low-investment home-business packaged up in a neat little box. When the average start-up investment is approximately $30,000, $38 to start a Jeunesse home-business seems like a no-brainer, especially considering the products are consumable with a high retention rate, based on Nobel-prize winning science and service an industry which is set to be worth a trillion dollars by 2025. What’s more Jeunesse is the fastest growing network marketing company in the history of the industry, set to reach $1B in sales revenue in the sixth year of operation. It took Avon 86 years to reach this level of turnover.

As hard as I looked, I couldn’t find anything dodgy about the Jeunesse business opportunity. Having scrolled through testimonial after testimonial of happy Jeunesse customers I also decided to give the products a go and I was pleasantly surprised. Now I too am an avid fan of the youth-enhancing benefits the Jeunesse range delivers. They trump my previous premium cosmeceuticals line hands down.

The thing that I’m most excited about is that Jeunesse empowers women to create a life they truly love, both through the transformational properties of the products and more importantly, through the potential for life-changing income creation and greater lifestyle flexibility. Since becoming a mum 16 months ago, I am more aware than ever of the importance of work-life balance and I’m a huge supporter of any opportunity that provides women with options in this regard. What’s dirty about that?!!